Connecting consumers with banks and loan brokers

Lacuna Digital help borrowers connect with banks and loan brokers in the digitilized loan space. We do that through our wide range of comparison and lead generation sites in the Nordic region.

About Lacuna Digital

We work alongside national and international partners

Lacuna Digital work closely together with our fintech partners and affiliate networks with a focus on performance marketing to deliver state-of-the-art service within the fintech industry.

Through our sites we generate high quality of customers to our partners with a data driven approach. 

Customer acquisition

We drive high quality of traffic to our sites with our expertise in online marketing.

Marketing professionals​

By utilizing our knowledge within online marketing we drive our traffic with Paid Social, SEM, SEO & and Email Marketing.


We only get paid for our result. We love the no cure no pay model.

Data driven

We work with a data driven and intelligent marketing performance setup with a purpose of delivering the best results.

We provide more than 2000 loan applications pr. month to our partners

How do we work

We work with a performance marketing approach

With roots deep in digital marketing, we have built several lead generation and comparison sites in the Nordic Region within the fintech industry. With our data-driven marketing strategy and high focus we are able to deliver more 2000 loan application to our partners each month.


Top of mind when the consumer is searching for help in the digitilised loan market.

Paid Social

With channels such as Facebook, Instagram & TikTok we drive a high volume of traffic to our sites.


We use email and SMS marketing as a ground pillar for our marketing automation setup.

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We work alongside international firms.

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